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Search here to compare prices from the most popular online retailers.
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Compatible with Internet Explorer 7+ and Firefox 2+

Comparing prices online just got even quicker and easier. Find the best price with our convenient search plugin any time you shop online. Built to OpenSearch standards, there's no special software to install - with just one click you can bookmark the Price Comparison Tool search plugin to your browser, and it will appear along side your favorite search engines in your browser's search bar.


Why choose Price Comparison Tool? provides an unbiased way of comparing prices between popular online retailers by removing ourselves from the process as much as possible. Other price comparison websites expect you to trust their search results at face value, and unscrupulous retailers can manipulate search results by entering artificially low prices. At, we show you prices directly from the most popular online retailers by helping you navigate trusted e-commerce sites with a small, simple, tabbed interface.

If you surf to multiple sites when you compare prices, Price Comparison Tool can help you save time while you save money.

And unlike other price engines with bloated browser toolbars that download and install themselves on your hard drive,'s search plugin works with OpenSearch technology already built into modern web browsers - there's no software to install, simply bookmark our search address and come back again!

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